About Us

The Federation of NLP Coaching Professionals (FNLPCP) was established to support the growing community of individuals that contribute to the world of NLP by using their skills in a coaching context. Regardless of where you have learnt your NLP skills FNLPCP wants to support you in your quest to improve the lives of others.

New NLP schools, variations of NLP techniques and even new NLP techniques are born almost daily all over the world. We believe that this is very exciting and very beneficial to the world of NLP and coaching. The FNLPCP is dedicated to acknowledge every NLP technique and in doing so, hopes to encourage the ongoing development and evolution of NLP globally.

Our Vision
Our vision is to unite all people practicing NLP globally through recognition of competence only.

Our Strategy

  • To build a community
  • Continuously grow the database of NLP techniques
  • To create a standard based on competence

Our Value
Currently every mainline NLP school has its own self regulating Authority ensuring that the ethics and standards within their own communities are upheld. Our value is established as an independent verification of your competency of understanding NLP Techniques regardless of the school you attended. The FNLPCP is not in competition or meant to be a substitute for any Self Regulating Body (SRB). Our aim is to add value to the NLP community presenting a unified front of NLP to the rest of the world in spite of the apparent differences between the various schools of NLP.